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We are experienced Trainers and Counsellors in the U.S and Canada University Admission. Our Success rate in getting Scholarship Admission into the U.S. Universities for our Students, is on the increase, year after years! ...Contact us now!

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Our success rate for Visa and Counseling for both graduates & Under-graduates is above 80%.

Visa Counseling

Many Students have the basic documents when they go for Visa Interview. Regardless of this, many of them are still denied Visa because they do not know how to coordinate the presentation of the documents and they do not know how to adequately answer the questions of the interview. This is one of our strongest points as a company based on our experience of about 20 years which has seen more than 2,000 of our students getting Visas to study in the United States at both the Undergraduate and Graduate levels.

Even though most of the students did their admission processing with us, a good number came for just Visa Counseling out of which most have been to the Embassy before and have been denied. The problem with most students who are denied Visa arise from wrong choice of consultants if at all; especially for those who have relatives or friends in the United States.