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MET Suites and Training Centre is incorporated in Nigeria to carry on hospitality business. The management team of MET Suites is made up of men and women of wealth of experience, proven integrity and excellence. It is the pleasure and singular privilege of the management of MET Suites to introduce to you our unique hotels, conference centre and other facilities which meet international standards.

MET Suites and Training Centre have all it takes to host your Annual General Meetings (AGM), Workshops, Seminars, end of year parties, Customer’s forum etc satisfactorily.

A stay in our hotels is pleasurable because we have automated laundry services, two sound-proof generators with 1000 liters diesel reservoir, internet access, Cable Satellite TV, and intercom networked to the rooms.

We have internet access in our Conference Hall. With this facility, any training of yours requiring internet access can be conducted in the comfort of our Conference Hall; to the satisfaction of participants. In other words, distant learning is very possible in our Conference Hall because of the internet access which exists therein.

In case of workshop participants who want to stay in our Hotel rooms so as to move from Hotel room to Conference Hall without the stress of transportation, we have made internet access available in the Hotel rooms.