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At M.E.T Ltd, we are your compass to navigate the complex and often unfamiliar terrain of the American university admission process. With a global network of associates and affiliates, as well as a well-staffed U.S.A office, we’ve assisted over 2,000 Nigerian students in enrolling in more than 300 schools in the United States, with no less than 40% of these students receiving scholarships.

Why Choose MET LTD for Admissions Processing?

Proven Success

We've successfully helped thousands of students secure admission into U.S. universities. Our expertise ensures that your application stands out, increasing your chances of acceptance.

Scholarship Opportunities

Our guidance has enabled many students to access scholarships, making quality education more affordable

Year-Round Assistance

While the primary enrollment season in the U.S. is in the fall (August), we provide year-round support to students seeking January enrollments. For these students, decisions must be made by June 30th. We do not recommend waiting until October/November for SAT results.

Overcoming Visa Challenges

The visa enrollment process at the American Embassy can be challenging, especially for students who haven't traveled abroad before. Our services are tailored to help you overcome these challenges and ensure a smooth visa process

Navigating the Intricate Admissions Landscape
Comprehensive Counseling

Even with high test scores, a student's chances of gaining admission to an American university, as well as securing a visa, can be jeopardized due to poor knowledge and skills in the application and admission processing. The admission process involves many intricate steps and adheres to strict deadlines set by American universities.

Our team of counselors at M.E.T are at the forefront of this crucial aspect of American education. They provide expert advice on university and course selection, helping you make informed decisions. Our high success rate is attributed to our close relationships with Admission Officers at various universities, allowing us to advocate for our students.

Our Counseling Department offers information and support for making informed career decisions. We assist students facing academic difficulties and provide test interpretation for those in need. Our counselors offer guidance on a range of related matters, including:

  • Test Requirements
  • Choice of School
  • Admission Procedure/Admission Processing
  • Career Choice
  • Academic Requirements/Selection Criteria
  • Annual Expenses
  • Financial Aid/Scholarships
  • Room and Board, and more.

Empowering Students

Our primary goal is to empower students to make the most of the resources available to them. Career counseling often begins with students taking the SAT, as this test is integral to the U.S. education system and admission process into higher institutions

Unlock Your American Dream with MET LTD

At M.E.T Ltd, we are dedicated to helping you overcome the challenges and complexities of admissions processing. Our expertise, proven track record, and strong relationships with U.S. universities make us the ideal partner for your educational journey.

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