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Computer & Infotech: Your Gateway to Thriving in the IT Industry

Information Technology (IT) stands as the fastest-growing industry worldwide, with projections suggesting a surge in demand for millions of computer professionals within the next two years. At MET LTD, we provide a range of comprehensive programs to prepare the youth for promising careers upon completion of their studies


M.E.T’s Pre-Varsity IT Programme

Equipping students with fundamental computer knowledge as they prepare for college, this program is designed to enhance your child's college performance and improve communication and numerical skills.

Certificate in Information and Management

This program covers essential courses such as Computer Basics, Keyboard skills, and Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, and Outlook).

Certificate in Desktop Publishing

Providing users with comprehensive desktop computer skills, this course makes computer operators and users proficient in office applications, publications, and presentations tools. It's suitable for managers, receptionists, help-desk operators, computer operators, graphic designers, and more.

Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Certification Training

The globally recognized MOS certification demonstrates desktop skills. It meets the demand for qualified and knowledgeable professionals in various fields, including accounting, administration, sales, banking, media, engineering, health services, defense, aerospace, logistics, and more.

Cisco Certifications

Cisco offers certifications in networking hardware and software, including routers and security products. Our program is suitable for network administrators, IT engineers, IT technicians, and anyone with a minimum of an O'Level Certificate with knowledge of the Microsoft Windows environment.

Other IT Facilities at MET LTD

Educative software for SAT and TOEFL preparation.

IQ Test (English and Math).

MathSoft for Mathematics study.

Verbal Advantages.

Not Too Scary Vocabulary.

Encarta Dictionary.

Students also have access to the internet, enabling them to download SAT/TOEFL questions online to improve their performances, explore graduate school requirements in the United States and the UK, chat with friends online, engage in internet browsing, and much more.

Unlock Your Potential in the IT Industry with MET LTD

Information Technology is more than a field; it’s a world of endless possibilities. With MET LTD, you’ll receive the knowledge, skills, and support needed to thrive in the ever-evolving IT industry.

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